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TE, TM-Energi (PT. Rotaryana Engineering)

PT Rotaryana Engineering (RE), a wholly owned subsidiary of PT Rotaryana Prima (RP), was established in 2007. Whilst the latter company is recognized as the leading supplier of equipment and systems for the food service and food retail industries, the former one established themselves as the leading installation and after-sales service company in the industry.

Historically, PT RP, which was established in 1973, achieved the technology advantage by successfully producing substantial range of stainless steel fabrication, refrigeration, and cold storage fabrication. The intense competition in the food and its related industries which have created the demand of a quality consistency, and less down time in delivering the customer

PT. ROTARYANA ENGINEERING adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Install, Service, Part Maintenance Kitchen Equipment membutuhkan segera Technical Engineer lulusan Politeknik Negeri Jakarta dengan ketentuan seperti lampiran .....

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