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Collaboration with WINTEC in Geothermal Education

Meeting with WINTEC's representatives to discuss the collaboration in Geothermal Education

Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) in New Zealand, New Zealand Support for Training in Geothermal Support (NZSTIGS), and Mechanical Engineering Department PNJ held a meeting to discuss the collaboration in Geothermal Education. Today's meeting (2019/02/07) was the third meeting. WINTEC offered to do Trains the Trainers (TTT) to PNJ free of charge since between there is an agreement between Indonesia and New Zealand Government.

NZSTIGS’ TTT programmes will build the teaching capability and the skills of trainers in the Indonesian geothermal industry and education sector, to ensure better learning outcomes. These programmes will develop teacher trainer skills and pedagogical knowledge in order to provide ongoing support and effective training delivery.

The NZSTIGS TTT programmes are specifically designed to build on the capabilities of trainers. At each level they introduce new ways in which modern teaching methods ( e.g. practice-based and inquiry-based learning) can be incorporated into the geothermal teaching environment. The three programmes are:

Basic: A four-week programme designed for tutors who have less than five years teaching and up to five years relevant work within the industry.

Skilled: A four-week programme designed for tutors who are teaching practical lessons and who have a minimum of five years teaching and three to eight years working within the relevant industry.

Mastery: A four-week programme designed for senior tutors who train others. It is preferable that they have eight to twelve years teaching experience and ten years relevant industry experience. (Prib)

The discussion between PNJ's team and WiNTEC's representatives