History of the Jakarta State Polytechnic / Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ)


JAKARTA STATE POLYTECHNIC / POLITEKNIK NEGERI JAKARTA (PNJ), formerly known as Polytechnic of the University of Indonesia / Faculty of Non-Degree Technology (FNgT), changed its name based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture Number 207 / O / 1998. PNJ is an autonomous higher education institution that has seven Departments and 36 Study Programs that have D-3 levels (Associate Expert -A.Md.), Applied Bachelor (S.Tr.) and Applied Masters (M.Tr.).
Until 2020, PNJ has graduated 35,934 people, consisting of 22,764 graduates in engineering and 13,170 graduates in commerce. PNJ graduates, most of whom work in national and multinational companies, some also work as Government Employees (PNS), and a small proportion become self-employed. In addition, these alumni are given tests in their respective fields so that the alumni are competent and can fill professional positions. Most of them work as entrepreneurs, civil servants, or in national or multinational companies. Graduates of the D-3 program fill the field of work as senior technicians who are able to solve technical problems in their fields, while graduates of the Applied Bachelor program fill professional positions in companies.
In line with the era of globalization and the demands of a more competitive industry, PNJ equips students with balanced knowledge and skills. The balance can be seen from the curriculum with a ratio of 40% theory and practice ratio of 60%. In addition, due to the paradigm shift, students are provided with courses on entrepreneurship and quality management to be more creative and innovative.

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