At the start of the 2023/2024 even semester of lectures, to be precise in the second week, March 20 2024, the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering (ICT) Jakarta State Polytechnic (PNJ) held a Public Lecture (Kulum) for students of the Informatics Engineering (IT) Study Program and Study Program Digital Multimedia Technique (TMD) which was held in the Jakarta State Polytechnic library auditorium. This public lecture activity began with remarks by the Head of the Informatics Engineering Study Program, Euis Oktavianti, S.Si., M.T.I., who expressed his thanks to the resource persons who attended the 2024 IT and TMD Study Program Public Lecture with the theme "Career Preparation Best Digital Talent 5.0”. Mrs. Euis also did not forget to express her thanks to the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th semester students who took the time to attend.

In her speech, Mrs. Euis also explained that this public lecture was not only a routine agenda every semester for the study program in the ICT Department. But we also want to know updates that are happening in the industry to prepare ourselves to face the future challenges of a career in the IT world, "because development is very fast, if we don't follow or back up technology then we will be left behind," said Mrs. Euis. At the end of his speech, he also invited the students present to make this public lecture the start of a career journey to become Indonesia's best digital talent and hopefully the sharing of knowledge that will be provided by the speakers can provide new nuances and insights for the participants in this public lecture.

Then the event continued with remarks from the Head of the Digital Multimedia Engineering Study Program, Ade Rahma Yuly, S.Kom., M.Ds. who also expressed his thanks to the resource persons who had come all the way to the Jakarta State Polytechnic. Mrs. Ade advised students to listen and pay attention to the material that will be given by the speakers, not only listening but also taking notes. Because from what is recorded/recorded, students will be able to read or see it again. It could be that in the next year or several years, the tips and tricks given to Kulum will be really needed.

Mrs. Ade also explained that the Kulum resource persons were selected from the PNJ ICT Department Student Association (HIMATIK) which really suited their needs. The material that will be provided by the speakers includes digital marketing and video editing. He hopes that the resource persons can provide input on how to create a personal profile, so that students are worthy of being selected by companies from the sea of students in Indonesia, especially in the field of Digital Multimedia Engineering. Finally, he also hopes that the resource persons can provide information on how to market products made by students from the knowledge they have gained and tell about the development of video editors.

Then the event continued with a welcome and introduction from Alterra Academy given by Dennise Robert Herman as marketing & admission manager. Dennise explained material about Digital Marketing Career Insight. Apart from Dennise, other speakers who gave presentations were Guntur Alfurqan (video editor for Alterra Academy), Doni Pebruwantoro (backend engineer for e-Fishery) and Tiffany Andrea (lead placement and partnership for Alterra Academy). These speakers presented material about video editing, engineers, and IT career consultants.

In the question and answer session, many students asked, among the questions asked, what tips should you pay attention to to look good other than in your CV and Portfolio for fresh graduates? "Attitude, communication skills (trial), expand to explore other passions," answered the source.

Apart from that, there is also the question "for students who have not yet graduated, should they be worried about the techwinter phenomenon and what can they do to survive?" said one of the students. The interviewee explained that "actually in other jobs this has also happened and there will definitely continue to be, the important thing is that we must continue to gain new knowledge and never feel lacking/inferior because we always have the opportunity and ability to be able to show other people what we can do." we can," said the source. As we all know, techwinter is a popular term that describes the condition of technology-based start-ups or start-ups starting to collapse and fail one by one.

Then the event ended with a closing and a photo with the Head of the IT Study Program, Head of the TMD Study Program, the speakers and the participants present.

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