Darul 'Ilmi Mosque Distributes Aid for UKT

Darul 'Ilmi Mosque Distributes UKT Aid
Depok. The management of the Jakarta State Polytechnic Darul 'Ilmi Mosque distributed assistance for Single Tuition Fees (UKT) worth IDR 24 million, Thursday 9 February 2023. Taking place at the Darul 'Ilmi Mosque UKT assistance was given to 18 students from seven majors.
Darul Ilmi Mosque DKM chairman, Maryono said, this assistance was given as a form of social responsibility because many students were in arrears for their UKT payments. Even though it cannot be given to all students who are in arrears, at least this has reduced the burden on some students. It is hoped that in the future it will be able to provide even more quantities.
"We provide UKT assistance to those who need it the most," said Maryono. "The data we receive is quite a lot of students who are in arrears, but we are not yet able to provide all of them, so we choose based on their level of economic ability," he explained.
Maryono further explained, in determining recipients of UKT assistance, the Head of the Department was involved in selecting the students who were most deserving of assistance. DKM Darul Ilmi submits data on students who are in arrears on UKT from PNJ Finance, then asks each Head of Department to verify and then determine which students will receive assistance according to their economic level. "From us, we only provide conditions, not smoking and not users of branded goods," he said.
The implementation of the UKT assistance program utilized zakat, infaq, shadaqah (ZIS) funds collected from the PNJ community. So far, the PNJ community has entrusted their ZIS funds to DKM Darul Ilmi Mosque, through the salary deduction process from the financial section of the ZIS funds collected and then handed over to DKM Darul Ilmi. "We use 25 percent of the funds for mosque operations and the rest for social activities," said Maryono.
"God willing, in the month of Ramadan we will distribute assistance to orphans and poor people, we will specifically target the families of PNJ lecturers and employees," he concluded.[*]

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